Overcoming Problem Drinking

'Recommended reading.' - The Royal College of Psychiatrists.

'A useful resource.' - Independent Nurse, Haymarket Business Publications.

'A useful adjunct for a user to work through in conjunction with a therapist.' - Journal of Mental Health, Taylor Informa.

'This easy-to-read book provides a useful guide for those who wish to take control of their drinking and make positive changes.' - Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, Blackwell Publishing.

'You must buy [Overcoming Problem Drinking], which is an essential addition to a bookshelf.' - Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, Cambridge University Press.

Average Customer Review: 4.1/5 stars. - www.amazon.co.uk.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Problem Drinking: A Practitioner's Guide

'CBT for Problem Drinking provides a sound introduction to the theory and practice of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and is presented in such a way as to be of practical use to those wishing to enhance their knowledge and skills in this area. There is much here which will also be of interest to those attempting to resolve their own difficulties with alcohol, including a wealth of suggested exercises and resource material.' - Bill Reading, Addictions Psychotherapist, Canterbury, UK.

'This is a remarkably comprehensive and authoritative guide for practitioners wishing to engage problem drinkers in behaviour change. Dr Spada not only provides the extensive evidence base for CBT in relation to alcohol problems, he also elucidates with ample examples of therapeutic practice, bringing the art of the practitioner to the fore.' - Don Shenker, Chief Executive, Alcohol Concern, London, UK.

Average Customer Review: 5/5 stars. - www.amazon.co.uk.

An Introduction to Sensible Drinking

'This booklet will provide an invaluable first step to drinking sensibly.' - Peter Cooper, Professor of Psychology, University of Reading, UK.

Average Customer Review: 4/5 stars. - www.amazon.co.uk.

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